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One Block . One Love . Doors Open


With a simple goal of living up to its name, Doors Open is intended to do just that, keep our neighbors’ doors open in their time of need. After watching 50 foot flames consume North Beach’s beloved 600 block of Union St, the team behind the forthcoming Lillie Coit’s shifted our previous plans to address the demands of unforeseen tragedy. 

Doors Open is a benefit pop-up that spotlights the five businesses destroyed by the St Patrick's Day Fire with 100% of the profits going directly to the employees of the Salzburg, Ferry Plaza Seafood, Rogue Ales Public House, Tuk Tuk Thai, and Coit Liquors. The team also prioritizes employing the displaced staff of the destroyed businesses. Located in the former Washington Square Bar & Grill space at the intersection of Union and Powell, Doors Open invites you to join our table and toast to the enduring spirit of North Beach.


Good neighbors open doors, they offer one roof to many needs. 


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